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An store cupboard essential brown basmati rice is healthy and a good source of fibre, zinc and vitamin B’s.


To cook rinse thoroughly until the rinse water is clear before cooking to remove any excess starch and ensure it doesn’t clump together after cooking.


- Vegan

- Plastic free packaging

- Organic

- Naturally gluten free (see Allergens)




Rice - Basmati (brown)

PriceFrom £0.60
100 Grams
  • Typical values per 100g

    Engergy - 1518 kJ/357 kcal

    Fat - 2.8g of which saturates - 0.7g

    Carbohydrates - 81.3g of which sugars - 1.3g

    Fibre - 1.9g

    Protein - 6.7g

    Salt - trace

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