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Use ground cumin to create authentic curry powders, pastes and blends from all over the world.


Bake beautiful bread, aromatic vegetable dishes, a soothing natural tea or two and pickles, chutneys and preserves of the very highest order.


Ground cumin (also known as Jeera Powder) is also essential for making lots of Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine.


Ground cumin is great for using as part of a rub, in marinades and as a seasoning for chilli.


The flavour from ground cumin is more concentrated than whole cumin seeds so you need less in a dish. So, if you are substituting in a recipe, use 1 tbsp of ground cumin, instead of 1 ¼ tbsps of cumin seeds.

Cumin (ground)

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  • Typical values per 100g

    Engergy - 1567 kJ/375kcal

    Fat - 22.7g 

    Carbohydrates - 44.2g 

    Fibre - 10.5g

    Protein - 17.8g

    Salt - 0.4g

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