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Agnes + Cat have reinvented the idea and created a great solution for soap to hang in the shower or on the taps.

The complex, intense scent and balanced formula of Agnes & Cat Handmade Artisan Soaps On a Rope will improve your bathroom experience.


Inspired by the wild berries found on the fells of the Lake District, Fell Berry soap has a strong and fruity fragrance with a prominent scent of blackberry with a hint of other summer fruits.

White Fig:

White fig soap subtle milky -sweet scent will bring the warmth of the Mediterranean sun baked figs directly to your home.

Sea Salt & Moss:

Seasalt and Moss scent is light, salty, refreshing and full of seaside aromas. It combines fragrances of Sage, Grapefruit, seaweed, musk and amber.

Agnes + Cat Soap on a Rope

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