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One of the most essential spices around the world, black peppercorns are great for seasoning and used in many cuisines, because of its incredible versatility.


Great for a vegan diet, black peppercorns are a perfect source of antioxidants and many other nutrients. 


    The uses of the peppercorns are endless, you can add them to any savoury dishes you wish to enhance its flavour. If you feel adventurous try adding peppercorns to recipes for ice creams, cookies and even adding them to cocktails for that extra kick of spice.

    Black Peppercorns

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    • Typical values per 100g

      Engergy - 1050kj/251 kcal

      Fat - 3.3g 

      Carbohydrates - 44.3g of which sugars - 0.6g

      Fibre - 26.5g

      Protein - 11g

      Salt - 0.44g

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