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Deliciously sweet, moist and mildly tangy, these cranberries are Sulphite and Preservative Free.


A great source of antioxidants and vitamins, they are  perfect for snacking as well as homemade cereals, and baked goods such as cookies, flapjacks, fruit loaves.


Infused with a sucrose syrup and slowly dried before misting with sunflower oil to prevent clumping.


NOTE -  because no preservatives are used these cranberries are not the bright red colour associated with preserved cranberries.


- Vegan

- Plastic free packaging

Cranberries - Dried

PriceFrom £1.50
  • Typical values per 100g

    Engergy - 1486 kJ/355kcal

    Fat - 0.1g of which saturates - 0.1g

    Carbohydrates - 83.2g of which sugars - 65g

    Fibre - 8.7g

    Protein - 0.1g

    Salt - 0.01g

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