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Keep your lunch fresh with this truly sustainable Huski Home lunchbox. This eco-friendly lunchbox is made from rice husk, a waste product of the rice industry that is usually burned causing environmental hazards.

Rice husk is a naturally strong and thick material, making it a great insulator to keep your food warm until lunch time!

This eco-friendly box will easily fit a sandwich, salad, and snacks between the two compartments.

It is twinned walled to keep hot food warmer for longer and keep cold food cool. This sustainable lunchbox is perfect for picnics, work lunches, school lunch or even for storing leftovers at home.

Available in rose, lilac, duck egg or pistachio


15cm x 15cm x 9cm

Top compartment holds 300ml

Main compartment holds 850ml

Huski Home lunchboxes are:

Made using recycled rice husks



Twinned wall - great for hot and cold foods

Two storage compartments

Made in the UK

Huski Home Lunch Box

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