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Organic golden linseed (also known as golden flaxseed) is a fantastic source of vegan protein, various minerals and other healthy attributes.  You will get the most benefit from them if you soak them overnight.


They can be enjoyed as they are and added to breads, biscuits, cakes, muesli, porridge, salad, soup, curry and stir fry dishes. Or, grind  to make it easier to add to recipes and smoothies for a boost in fibre. 


Be aware of their high fibre content and use sparingly until you know how your body reacts to them.  If you don't pre-soak them, make sure you increase your liquid intake a little as they like to absorb water.


- Vegan

- High in fibre

- Good source of vegan protein 

- Contains healthy fats

- Can be ground down and added to recipes


Linseed - Golden (Organic)

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  • Typical values per 100g

    Engergy - 2236kJ/534kcal

    Fat - 42.2g of which saturates - 3.7g

    Carbohydrates - 1.6g of which sugars - 1.5g

    Fibre - 27.3g

    Protein - 18.3g

    Salt - 0g

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