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Soda crystals are a heavy-duty cleaner for use on surfaces and floors throughout the home to clean, remove odours, remove grease and neutralise acids.


It is especially effective at removing grease, cleaning heavily soiled surfaces & floors, and clearing blocked pipes and is a 'go to' for anyone keen to make their own natural cleaning products such as those features in Nancy Birtwhistle books.


Its softening property intensifies the efficiency of cleaning agents in laundry detergents and washing up liquids.


- Vegan friendly

- UK made

- Plastic free

- Resealable packaging

- Compostable packagin

- 750g



Soda Crystals

  • - Removing grease

    - cleaning heavily soiled surfaces & floors

    - clearing blocked pipes

    - effective in stain removal on clothes

    - boosting laundry detergent - soften water and aid cleaning

    - limescale removal

    - eradicating odours

    - cleaning toilet bowls

    - baths, bins and sinks

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