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Available in 5% and 20% acetic acid.


Cleaning vinegar is a natural disinfectant capable of removing tough stains and strong odours.  


Use it to create your own solutions to remove grease from a kitchen, achieve streak-free windows, remove soap scum in the bath, use as a rinse aid in the dishwasher, clean small appliances, keep laundry soft.  


Mix with water (2:1) to make your own natural weed and moss killer which is child and pet friendly when dry and much more!

This product is not edible vinegar NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

See Do Not Use section.


White Cleaning Vinegar

PriceFrom £0.20
  • Areas of usage:
    - Dishwasher 
    - Windows
    - Mirrors
    - Toilet
    - Urinal
    - Bidet
    - Work Surfaces
    - Kitchen
    - Bathroom
    - Washing Machine
    - Carpets

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